What is Bidden’s real agenda on energy?

“the reality is that the Biden is doing everything he can to sabotage the adoption of solar power across the globe”

Extreme heat in 2021 has broken the famous Dust Bowl record from 1936 for the hottest summer on record in the USA.

In 1936, the world observed a hot blob on a relatively cool planet. Today, we have a hot blob on a warm planet. The combination of Canada and the USA is by far the hottest year on record for these two countries. The extraordinary and mind-blowing climate change induced heatwaves which captured global attention played a crucial part in this mega drought. (Source: NASA and https://vk.com/wall-190969273_670 )

Yet at the same time as Biden (US President) is making all sorts of vague declarations about the American plans to combat climate change, the reality is that the Biden is doing everything he can to sabotage the adoption of solar power across the globe.

The Biden regime in May flagged that it would impose “sanctions” on China’s solar panels industry as part of its all out economic war China. This has resulted in market instability as solar panel makers became concerned about the potential disruptions to global supply chains and manufactures hurried to build up silicon stock piles. This has significantly pushed up the price of solar panels by around 30-40%. Illegal US bans on Chinese solar businesses were imposed by the US shortly afterwards.

US sanctions against the Chinese solar manufacturing industry “are now casting a shadow over the solar industry” and “one of the world’s biggest sources of silicon”, according to Niki Asia (4 July 2021).

Roughly 80% of global production of silicon used to make polycrystalline wafers for solar panels– which does not need to be as pure as the silicon used in semiconductors — is sourced in China, with about half of that in Xinjiang, the supposed target of the US regime’s sanctions.

Apart from increasing in production costs, the sanctions have resulted in Chinese panel makers are prioritizing domestic supply, which has squeezed shipments to many other countries,

“The dramatic increase in cost has the potential to undermine the economics of solar energy world-wide, in particular for developing countries. Low cost solar is one of the main paths away from fossil fuel consumption. Low cost Chinese solar panels have been the principal factor behind the dramatic fall in the price of solar power worldwide and the global expansion of solar energy. “

Niki Asia


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