US duplicity: Tariffs on China green tech

May 17, 2024 CEN_com 0

Economic blockade of Chinese green technology reveals shallow US commitment to fight climate change. Will more anti-China tariffs slow US shift away from fossil fuels ? Is talking to the two-faced Washington regime ‘a waste of oxygen’ ? Only 5 days after seemingly cordial US-China climate talks, US Biden regime has announced it will increase US tariffs on Chinese solar panels, electric vehicles (EVs) and batteries to run them (some […]

China’s sustainable agriculture offers valuable lessons

May 17, 2024 CEN_com 0

Pakistan’s Ministry of Climate Change says China’s sustainable agricultural practices offer valuable lessons China is leading the charge in sustainable agriculture, balancing high productivity with eco-friendly practices. The country’s innovative farming methods offer valuable lessons for other Global South countries looking to improve their agricultural systems. Sustainable farming practices are increasingly gaining attention as countries strive to address the challenges posed by climate change and ensure food security. Many developing […]

BRICS embraces blockchain technology

May 16, 2024 CEN_com 0

BRICS Embraces Blockchain Technology to Foster Collaboration and Innovation. In March 2024, Russian media outlets TASS and RT reported that a senior foreign policy aide to the Russian President said in an interview that the BRICS group of emerging economies plan to create an international payment system based on blockchain digital technologies. _________________________________________________________________________ Introduction: BRICS to Embrace Blockchain Technology In its quest to promote economic growth, shared prosperity, and technological advancement, the BRICS countries have […]

China improves Uzbekistan’s Aral Sea ecosystem

May 15, 2024 CEN_com 0

Greening the Silk Road: China’s contributes sustainable water saving technology to improve harvest and ecosystem in Central Asia’s Aral Sea Once the world’s fourth-largest lake, the Aral Sea, located between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, has shrunk remarkably since 1960 — with its surface area dwindling from 67,000 square km in 1960 to just 6,000 in 2020. Farmland expansion, rising temperatures and a lack of water-saving technology caused the sea to shrink […]

China issues national regulations on water conservation

May 14, 2024 CEN_com 0

On March 20, 2024, the State Council of China issued the “Regulations on Water Conservation”, which is the first national-level regulations on water conservation in China. The Regulations will take effect on May 1, 2024. The regulations determine rules on water use management, including setting water use quotas for major crops, industrial products and service sector, controlling annual water use amounts within administrative regions, and restricting water-intensive projects in regions with severe […]

Chinese scientists propose AI-based global flood forecasting

May 14, 2024 CEN_com 0

More accurate predictions expected to enhance disaster prevention, mitigation efforts. Chinese scientists have recently proposed a novel artificial intelligence (AI)-based model to address streamflow and flood forecasting at a global scale for both gauged and ungauged catchments which remains one of the long-standing challenges in hydrology, given that more than 95 percent of small- and medium-sized watersheds worldwide do not have any monitoring data.  In light of global climate change, the […]

Wind & solar: Fastest-growing electricity sources in history

May 14, 2024 CEN_com 0

Wind and solar are growing faster than any other sources of electricity in history, according to new analysis from thinktank Ember. Clean capacity expansion The report says that wind and solar are now growing fast enough to exceed rising demand, meaning there will be a peak in fossil fuel electricity generation – and emissions – from this year. As a result, Ember says in its latest annual review of global electricity data that a […]

BRI: Hungary-China ties deepen

May 13, 2024 CEN_com 0

Hungary deepens ties with China through BRI ventures Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said that the government of Hungary has finalised 18 bilateral agreements with China, with key deals focusing on infrastructure projects, some of which also include Serbia. These agreements were signed during discussions between Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, on Xi’s recent state visit to Hungary. The Foreign Minister stressed that the two nations […]

China’s first high-capacity sodium battery

May 13, 2024 CEN_com 0

China launches first high-capacity sodium-ion battery storage station China’s first large-scale sodium-ion battery energy storage station officially commenced operations on Saturday. The station will help improve peak energy management and foster widespread adoption of clean energy, marking a significant advancement in China’s use of clean and renewable energy.The Fulin sodium-ion battery energy storage station was launched in Nanning, South China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. On its first day of operation, […]

China’s air cleaner as NOx levels fall

May 13, 2024 CEN_com 0

A recent study published in the journal Environmental Science and Ecotechnology has revealed a significant decline in nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from human activities in China since 2020. Nitrogen oxides (NOx) form aerosols and ozone in the atmosphere and are significant contributors to air pollution, acid rain and climate change. The research was conducted by a team of scientists from China and France. The study employed satellite observations and air quality modeling […]