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If you have any questions regarding submission of articles, please email us.

Articles and posts should focus one one or more of the following areas:

  1. News about China’s efforts to protect it’s environment or the global environment; 
  2. Aspects of China’s environment policies and programs, including China’s Belt & Road Initiative and the BRICS group; 
  3. The scientific, economic, social, technological or economic context of those programs or actions;
  4. International environmental, scientific or public health initiatives involving China’s experience in green development.

All articles should include references that identify the main sources of information used, and preferably include hyperlinks to those sources.

The following guidelines apply when submitting contributions:

  • Posts should be in English or give full English translation.
  • Respect the sovereignty of People’s China and all its Administrative Regions, including China’s rights to non-interference in its internal affairs and to develop “socialism with Chinese characteristics”.
  • Respect the validity of science. No anti-science ideas or comments, including denial of climate change; denial of evolution; denial of the reality of Covid-19 pandemic, etc.
  • No anti-people hate speech; no racism, cultural or national denigration.
  • The editors/web master have the right to exclude persons or content at their absolute discretion.