Russia-China far-east green hydrogen project

May 12, 2024 CEN_com 0

BRICS nations Russia and China jointly develop hydrogen project on Sakhalin Island An initiative is underway on Russia’s far-eastern island of Sakhalin, with plans for the country’s inaugural green hydrogen installation set to materialize by June’s end, according to Energy News. The project aims to establish a Hydrogen Engineering Centre at the Special Design Bureau for Automation Equipment for Marine Research (SKB SAMI) research institute. The Hydrogen Engineering Centre will serve […]

Three of top solar leaders are BRICS members

May 11, 2024 CEN_com 0

Three of top global leaders in solar energy growth are BRICS members According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), in 2023 China commissioned as much solar energy generation as the entire world did in 2022. China, USA, India and Brazil collectively accounted for 75% of global solar growth last year. For the 19th consecutive year solar energy has maintained its status as the fastest-growing electricity source worldwide. India has surpassed Japan to become the […]

China building 800 battery energy facilities

May 10, 2024 CEN_com 0

In 2021 China began an ambitious plan to build 800 large-scale energy storage stations and this will require an investment of US$830 million. It is expected that all these facilities will be completed and put into use by 2030. WHY IS THIS NECESSARY? The consumption of electricity is not constant, but varies with time of day, season and weather etc. If the demand for electricity is lower there is a […]

China helps build solar plant in Serbia

May 9, 2024 CEN_com 0

Chinese-built Serbian solar plant a few days away from grid connection The first ground-based photovoltaic project constructed by a Chinese company in Serbia, called the Saraorci photovoltaic project, is expected to be connected to the grid and commence commercial operations by the end of this month. The Saraorci Photovoltaic Power Plant, one of the largest photovoltaic power plants in Serbia, will be connected in the next few weeks to the […]

China’s new Energy Law closer to adoption

May 8, 2024 CEN_com 0

The latest draft of China’s long-awaited Energy Law has been issued for public comment following approval by China’s top legislative body, the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC). This was stated in an analysis of the text by economic newswire Jiemian. The law, which was initially drafted in 2005, will be “considered at three [NPCSC] meetings before being put to a vote”, the outlet said. This means it could be formally […]

China sinkholes save ancient biodiversity

May 8, 2024 CEN_com 0

Primeval Forest Biodiversity Found in China’s Sinkholes In the midst of southern China’s vast sinkhole-ridden landscape, a recent study of ancient forests found growing in the depths of karst tiankengs – super-deep sinkholes – has revealed the astonishing degree of biodiversity they harbor and protect. Rather than representing a simple extension of surrounding above-ground ecosystems, these lush forests, which are partially hidden hundreds of feet beneath the earth’s surface inside the tiankengs, […]

China’s new revolutionary sodium EV battery

May 6, 2024 CEN_com 0

China Changed the Future of EVs with New Generation Sodium-Ion Batteries China is leading the way with research and development of sodium-ion batteries, which are safer and potentially cheaper than lithium-ion batteries. The newest and more eco-friendly alternative is coming from China from the world’s largest EV battery producer – Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL), in the form of its latest ‘hybrid’ sodium-ion batteries.  CATL began investing in sodium-ion […]

China-EU environment & climate cooperation

May 5, 2024 CEN_com 0

Report on China-EU environment, climate cooperation released by China A think tank report titled “China-EU Cooperation on Environment and Climate: Progress and Prospects” was released globally on May 3, 2024. The report was jointly released by the National Energy Conservation Center, the Xinhua Institute and the Institutes of Science and Development under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Research Center for Xi Jinping Thought on Ecological Civilization, It consists […]

Chinese-backed Serbia-Hungary Railway

May 4, 2024 CEN_com 0

BELT & ROAD INITIATIVE IN EUROPE Chinese-backed Rail Line Brings Benefits to Serbia, Hungary The Chinese-built Hungary-Serbia railway, a fruitful result of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), has significantly enhanced Serbian people and foreign tourists’ travel convenience and introduced innovative technologies to both Serbia and Hungary. Once fully completed, the line – a hallmark project of China’s Belt and Road Initiative in Europe – is set to cut rail […]

China slams EU raids on green energy company

May 4, 2024 CEN_com 0

China slams EU’s ‘shocking’ raids on Chinese green energy company’s offices The EU cannot hold high the banner of combating climate change with one hand advocating global green cooperation, while wielding the stick of trade protectionism with the other hand against China. The EU carried out a sudden and unexpected raid on the offices of a Chinese green energy company in Poland and the Netherlands in late April 2024 over […]