Can the US seriously blame China for climate change?

At UN COP26 Climate Conference in Glasgow, the U.S. attempted to displace blame onto China for climate change, which was caused disproportionately by the advanced capitalist powers.

While the U.S. media often calls China the biggest carbon emitter, this tends to leave out both per-capita emissions and the fact that these same countries have outsourced so much of their manufacturing to China.

Rarely mentioned is how China is confronting the climate issue with far greater urgency than the U.S. government.

Climate change was caused disproportionately by the advanced capitalist powers.

China Environment has discussed the deliberate distortion and omission of facts by the Western media in depth on several occasions. For thorough and detailed analyses of the facts, please see the following four articles:

Following is a video clip from Break Through News with Rania Khalek’s interviewing Tings Chak, a writer and researcher with Dongsheng News and the Tricontinental Institute.

Watch the short (5:52m) from Break Through News, 26 Jan 2022, here:

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