China’s urban development experience helpful for Nicaraguan capital, Managua – mayor says

MANAGUA, Nicaragua, Dec. 30, 2021 — China’s experience in urban development could help improve Managua’s urban planning and enrich local authorities’ knowledge, said Reyna Rueda, mayor of the capital city of Nicaragua.

In a recent interview with Xinhua, the mayor said she looks forward to the opportunities in urban development cooperation with Chinese cities following the resumption of diplomatic relations between China and Nicaragua on Dec. 10.

Rueda said the renewed bilateral ties are good for local governments, as well as the central government, because they allow exchanges of views with Chinese peers on common issues and interests regarding the wellbeing of the people in both countries.

Among the common challenges facing Nicaragua’s cities, the mayor listed sustainable urban development, socioeconomic stability, efficient public transit and solid waste treatment.

“We have many projects that we could advance through these ties of cooperation and friendship, in order to learn how to develop the projects better with China’s experience,” she said. “China’s transformation is really motivating.”

China’s experience in urban development, environment protection could help improve urban planning and enrich local authorities’ knowledge, she noted.

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Reyna Rueda, mayor of Managua, the capital city of Nicaragua

“It would allow us to broaden our horizons and thus create strategies to further develop our city, to bring transformation to our municipality and different neighborhoods,” Rueda said.

While Nicaragua has made progress in road development, it needs to expand its mass transit systems to meet people’s needs, especially in Managua, the mayor said.

“With Chinese cooperation, we are certain to see reciprocal exchange of experience in key urban development issues. China is an example that will allow us to strengthen our knowledge and bring these projects to life,” Rueda said.

In addition to transportation, the official expressed her admiration for China’s progress in urban environment and solid waste treatment, from which Managua and other Nicaraguan cities could benefit through cooperation.

Tapping into China’s “very rich experience in environmental matters, transportation and urban development” is “a dream for us that we could turn into a reality,” Rueda said.

Source: Xinhua, 2021-12-30.