Extreme heat and global climate

China recently braved its strongest heatwave. Europe is also suffering from heatwaves and the worst drought in 500 years. What’s behind the high temperatures? And what does this extreme heat tell us about global climate change? What is going to be the impact on agriculture and food security?

A a very important facet is that in terms of food, more than 50 percent of the global strategic reserve of food are in China. The Chinese government has taken the pains of accumulating grain reserves so as to be able to address exactly the type of issues which are beginning to a surface [in relation to global food security], and Europeans are now asking the Chinese to release some of their strategic reserves. But I think the Chinese government will probably release some for the global south before they give it to the Europeans.”

Charles Liu – Founder of
Hall Capital &Senior Fellow, Taiho Institute


The graphic below shows that as the middle of the curve shifts just slightly to the warm side, a much larger chunk of the curve moves into extreme territory. In other words, extremely hot days occur more often.

The following video is an excellent 15 minute discussion of the issues from a China and global perspective.

Source: Dialogue on CGTN, 23 Aug 2022.

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