French Mathematician Laurent Lafforgue joins Huawei team

Laurent Lafforgue, a famous French mathematician and winner of the mathematics Fields Medal has joined the Huawei team, making it stronger in terms of research. In recent years, Lafforgue’s work on topos theory has led him to develop a collaboration with the research teams of Huawei France.

The Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques (IHES) is an advanced research institute in mathematics, theoretical physics and all related sciences dedicated to fundamental research.

Laurent Lafforgue, mathematician and permanent professor at IHES since 2000, is known worlwide in particular for his essential contributions to Langland’s program in the fields of number theory and analysis, which earned him the Fields Medal in 2002.

In recent years, his work on topos theory has led him to develop a collaboration with the research teams of Huawei Technologies France. Discussions between Laurent Lafforgue and Huawei researchers, which begun in 2017, first led to a two-year project, focused on topos theory and funded by Huawei, and then, in 2019, to the creation of the Huawei Chair in algebraic geometry at IHES, of which Professor Lafforgue was the first holder.

As of September 1, 2021, Laurent Lafforgue will join Huawei Technologies France to continue this work further in conjunction with the company’s research teams with whom he has worked so far.

IHES’ relationship with Huawei Technologies France will continue to develop, particularly within the framework of the Huawei Young Talents program, launched in the fall of 2020. Every year, this ten-year program funds on average 7 postdoctoral fellowships awarded by the Institute’s Scientific Council, thus supporting the work of researchers at the beginning of their careers.

Following Laurent Lafforgue’s departure, the Scientific Council will also appoint the new holder of the Huawei Chair in algebraic geometry at the Institute.

The Institute offers exceptional scientists a place where they can devote entirely to their research, without any obligation of teaching or administrative tasks.


Huawei French Mathematician

About Laurent Lafforgue:

Laurent Lafforgue is a French mathematician who is known for making contributions to Langlands Conjectures. He received the Fields Medal in 2002 at the 24th International Congress of Mathematicians in Beijing and Clay Research Award in 2000 at Paris Millennium Meeting.

Huawei not only respects talents but also welcomes them for polishing their skills to jointly bring more convenience for the people. The company has always invested in scientific research and development of which is also counted first among the Chinese firms.

In this line, China has published the top 500 research and development Chinese companies that invest the most in research and development. Huawei is the first ranked research and development investor with an R&D investment of 141.893 billion yuan for 2020.


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