Measures to fight desertification in Ruoergai County, SW China

Ruoergai Wetland in Ruoergai County, southwest China’s Sichuan Province, with a complex and diverse geographical environment, is the world’s largest well-preserved alpine Sphagnum bog, occupying an area of 4,094.31 hectares.

It is also the habitat for many rare and endangered species of animals and migratory birds. However, desertification has been a serious problem here. The overgraze, plateau environment and other reasons have made vegetation restoration very difficult.

Thanks to years of painstaking efforts, land desertification has been contained in some areas of the county, and the gradual deterioration has been improved.

Check out the video to learn about the measures against desertification in Ruoergai County.

Source: CGTN, 13-Sep-2021

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