Should the United States be investigated by the WHO over COVID-19’s origins?

Report on CGTN Think Tank Online Survey

Full survey report: ** Click to access Should-the-United-States-be-investigated-by-the-WHO-over-COVID-19-origins-English-version.pdf

CGTN Think Tank conducted a global online survey, available in six UN official languages, on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, VK, Weibo and WeChat, on July 30. Participants were asked:

Coronavirus Warning: Up To 240,000 Americans May Fall ...

“Do you think the WHO should investigate the U.S. as part of the origin-tracing study of COVID-19?”

About 83 percent of social media users answered YES.

Participants in the vote answered in Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Russian.

CGTN Think Tank found that 81,600 of respondents to its survey indicated distrust and dissatisfaction with the United States.

Comments suggest the respondents see the U.S. as having double standards on the same issues facing other nations, Washington as holding biased views and undertaking political manipulation when it comes to origin-tracing issues,
as well as experiencing rising discrimination and violence against people of Asian descent since the outbreak.

Survey respondents generally believed that the origin-tracing study should be conducted in multiple countries and regions.

China's signature calling for WHO probe US for COVID-19 ...

Source: CGTN, 2 August 2021

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