Stop blaming China for the climate crisis

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In this excellent brief presentation for the Friends of Socialist China YouTube channel, Carlos Martinez gives a comprehensive explanation of why the US and its allies’ attempts to push responsibility for the climate crisis onto China are hypocritical and ridiculous, and why cooperation on climate change is essential.

China Environment has published many articles providing detailed analyses of the topics touched on by this video. For more on this and links to key posts, see below.

China Environment has discussed the deliberate distortion and omission of facts by the Western media in depth on several occasions. For thorough and detailed analyses of the facts, please see the following four articles:

Dozens more acrticles (analysis and news) are available on the issues related to climate change on our web site. An up to date list which can be found by clicking on the following link:

The international science journal Nature has prepared an Editor’s Choice package of 19 recent scientific reports on key aspects of climate change (as of 25 November 2021).

Climate change refers to a statistically defined change in the average and/or variability of the climate system; this includes the atmosphere, the water cycle, the land surface, ice and the living components of Earth

The Editor’s Choice articles from Nature are available at this link:

The 19 scientific papers cover the four following broad themes:

  • Meteorological effects
  • Environmental effects
  • Monitoring and Modelling
  • Natural protection strategies

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