United States and European Union are heading for the rehabilitation of fascism

March 4, 2022

Appeal of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation

       These days, trying to avoid a complete defeat, Bandera fascists are taking hundreds of thousands of residents of Ukrainian cities hostage. Threatening death, the nazi do not let civilians out of the combat zone, condemning them to the role of a human shield. Repeating the heinous tactics of Hitler’s troops on the territory of the USSR, when women and children were pushed ahead when attacking and driving people into minefields.

      Western countries make huge fuss in case terrorists’ capture even one hostage. Same time, hundreds of thousands of people became hostages in Ukraine. We claim a direct and clear answer to the question from the Western leaders, namely J.Biden, E.Macron, O. Scholz and B. Johnson and  Russian liberals if they support the criminal tactics of the Bandera Nazis to take hostages or do they condemn these atrocities?

       What Bandera is doing in Ukraine is outright fascism. Our hopes that the defeat of German Nazism in 1945 by the Soviet people and its victorious Red Army would put an end to this inhuman phenomenon vanished. We express growing concern we see the growth of this cancerous tumor in the center of  Europe and once again its happening with the assistance of Western “democracies”.

        We have not forgotten that the United States and Great Britain economically and politically contributed to the formation of fascism in Germany. Hitler’s Wehrmacht,which destroyed tens of millions of people, was created largely with the monetary support of American monopolies and German oligarchs. Both America and the European Union are directly responsible for the atrocities of Bandera fascists who seized power in Ukraine as a result of a coup d’état in February 2014. Western countries direct participation in the above coupe further increases their guilt for the bloodshed in Ukraine.

       We strongly condemn the attempt of the German authorities to use the events in Ukraine to throw off responsibility for the crimes of German Nazism during the World War II. It will never happen! Berlin should cease hope that Russia, Belarus and Ukraine would have forgotten of the monstrous atrocities of the German fascists in the occupied territories of the USSR, of millions of people shot, hanged and tortured in concentration camps in Germany and Poland.

      Should the peoples of Europe, many siding Hitler against the USSR, forget it, we should recall that Germany in 1999, as in 1941, bombed Belgrade. Berlin’s decision to supply  weapons to the Nazis and allowing German citizens to participate in combat actions on the side of the Nazis means that Germany is once again taking a course to rehabilitate fascism.

      Communists have always been at the forefront of the fight against Nazism. We are confident that left and progressive forces worldwide will support us in this struggle.

     We appeal to the world community to strongly condemn the criminal tactics of Bandera fascism taking Ukrainian civilians hostage. Any other position would mean supporting crimes against humanity.

Chairman of the CPRF CC                              G.A. Zyuganov

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