The 21SilkRd group on Facebook was launched in 2016 with a twofold aim. One was to cover the biggest, most important development project in history: the China-inspired Belt & Road Initiative to link the EurAsian landmass.

The second was to rebut the false and mistaken narratives about China that routinely flood the Western media. It aimed to provide authentically Chinese perspectives on key issues relating to China — in English.

It seems 21SilkRd has done the job adequately enough to attract adverse reaction from Facebook. They disabled the original site in April, on technical pretexts provided for in their mystifyingly variable Community Standards.

So 21SilkRd 2.0 was started … and lasted all of four months before being taken down a few days ago. During that time, this successor site had attracted 4.4k members — but they were already interacting vigorously enough to match and even exceed the traffic of the original group, which had 25k members.

All this “tightening” on FB began with the onset of the Biden regime in Washington. Under its direction, the Empire has intensified its persecution of China, extending into the media arena.

Rather than continue to bang our collective heads against the wall, 21SilkRd has moved to the Russia-based VK platform, which works much like FB. Though the audiences at VK are smaller, the platform is free from censorship by the Western Empire. As the imperium continues to unravel, the censorship will only become more draconian.

If you have been following and/or participating in 21SilkRd, please join us at the new site on VK:

Rebecca Chan and Thomas Hon Wing Polin also have their personal walls on VK. They are and

Those new to VK can download the software from Google Play or Apple Store, or directly from

Thank you — and our friends at Xi Jinping – China’s Exceptional President!


Footnote: Please note that CHINA ENVIRONMENT NEWS also is on VK at: and still (for now) on Farcebook. And a reminder that we (CEN) also have a website at:

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