Villager plants ‘floating rice’ in Guizhou fishpond

Science and technology of agriculture is becoming more and more interesting. China has a large water area. The cultivation of floating rice combined with fish aquaculture is being promoted. This new agricultural model is showing the potential to bring great value to the increase in food production and income for farmers.

(ECNS) — Lu Xiangrong, a Chongyi villager, contracted a 20-mu (about 1.34 hectares) pond to breed freshwater fish in Wang Ling Village of Rongjiang County.

In order to purify the pond water, he successfully grew “floating rice” in 2021.

Lu grew the rice on rafts made of plastic basins, floating across the surface of the fishpond.

This method not only absorbs the tailwater discharged during fish farming, but also reduces the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides since no fertilizer is needed to breed rice.

According to Lu, the yield of floating rice could reach up to 500 kg per mu (about 0.067 hectare) this year.

Lu’s successful experience in growing “floating rice” will be promoted across Rongjiang County.

Source: ECNS, 7 Sept 2021

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